Color Your World with Art

Browse through the Studio Rimonim Gallery to view the beautiful, original art in colorful, vibrant, paintings and select your favorite(s) when you are ready to order. Learn how to create a beautiful, functional home. Coordinate your furnishing and personal colors with Leah’s original paintings to showcase your own personal style. Enjoy the creative process behind each painting to make your selection meaningful.      Contact us by email or phone with any questions and special requests   email: studiorimonim@gmail.com

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Welcome to my creative journey as an artist, wife and mother;

  • a Canadian transplanted to the sunny shores of Israel.
  • Modi’in, is exactly half way- geographically, philosophically and socially, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
  • Modiin, a modern but also, an ancient city, related to the story of Hanukah,provides me with new adventures in discovering my roots in Biblical history.
  • Modi’in/Modiin is a vibrant, young community of the “Start Up Nation” and grounds my everyday perspective of living the Jewish Calendar with its timeless celebrations of traditions, culture, colorful landscapes, people and agriculture.        Read More

Rimon - Shana Tova - Chag Sameach - Pomegranate
The beautiful red Rimon/Pomegranate symbolizes our wish for good deeds or Torah mitzvot to improve our lives.