Vision-a changing perspective on life

This beautiful, harmonious watercolor painting can be viewed from different perspectives and so demonstrates our human capacity for viewing life experiences from various angles. The harmonious colors in Vision all represent different aspects of understanding-blue for the spiritual or inner constructs of meaning, soft red (rose) for the life experiences giving us wisdom and soft yellows for the daily sensory experiences which also impact on our personal perspective.

This painting will delight you and provide a beautiful decorating resource for your home or office. You will be able to frame it so that it can be hung with a different view and perspective over time, thus generating and renewing thoughts and conversations with the viewers.

Shavuot – Celebrating the Giving of the Torah

Giving of the Torah

Shavuot- CelebratingThe Giving of the Torah

Fire, thunder, flashing light-who could imagine a more powerful scene for an event? The Giving of the Torah to the Jewish Nation, on Mt. Sinai  changed the course of human history.

The Giving of the Torah or Old Testament, as it is known in Christian circles was a seminal event for all mankind; not merely a religious event for the Jewish Nation. The Torah or Old Testament gives a clear direction of moral responsibility and social justice both within societal relationships and religious/spiritual relationship between the Creator and human beings.

The Jewish Nation celebrates this event as one of the Pilgrim Festivals, called Shavuot.

The holiday of Shavuot, celebrates the Giving of the Torah as a culmination of the Exodus  of the Jewish people from Egypt during Passover (Pesach); the journey from bondage, into freedom and the beginning of the development of a just society.

The Jewish Nation responded with a “yes” to undertaking this Covenant. Although there have been many times in the subsequent history of the Jewish people, when the majority of the Nation failed to live up to the contract, the Covenant has never been annulled. The Giving of the Torah at Har Sinai encompasses all of the Jewish Nation, forever; thus, all night learning and special presentations on aspects of Torah are a special part of the
Shavuot holiday celebrations.



Going Home

Going Home

Going Home
Home is where the heart is. It’s the destination we seek, filled with light and warmth.

Going home was how I felt as the plane left the tarmac in Toronto, a city I loved and a Canada I still love, heading for my new home in Modi’in, Israel. This colorful painting captures the emotional feeling of following your destiny to the place called home. Home is where the heart is-a beautiful place of dreams and light at the top of the painting. This vibrant, harmonious painting will give you a lot on which to reflect as you enjoy the feelings of contentment and vitality associated with going to a place which is truly home.

Joseph Trumpeldor, Tel Hai Hero and Zionist Hero

Joseph Trumpeldor

Joseph Trumpeldor, Tel Hai hero, fought with the valiant eight (Shmona) at the battle of Tel Hai,to protect one of the four Jewish farming villages at the northern end of the Hula Valley in the Upper Galilee. Joseph Trumpeldor, a Zionist national hero was an exceptional soldier who fought with Hula Valley Pioneers to defend their homes to the death. The valiant eight, (Shmona in Hebrew) who fought against a much larger group of Bedouins were led by Trumpeldor who had considerable army experience gained prior to his aliyah to Palestine in 1911. Joseph Trumpeldor’s final words, as he was carried from the battlefield to the nearby Kfar Giladi settlement were:

It does not matter, it is good to die for our country.

Joseph Trumpeldor's memorial at Kfar Giladi.

The valiant eight

The valiant eight, which included two women, as well as Joseph Trumpeldor,, are buried in a common grave at the cemetery in nearby Kfar Giladi. Each year, on the 11th of Adar, an official memorial ceremony is held for Trumpeldor and his comrades, all members of  Hashomer. A statue of a roaring lion, sculpted by Avraham Melinkov, in 1926, stands in the cemetery, expressing the ideals of their strength and commitment to the defense of the Jewish people, in their homeland. This was, in fact, a turning point, where Jewish defenders fought back against the marauders, to secure their settlement, even to death.

The legacy of the eight lives on, with the town of Kiryat Shmona (City of Eight) named after these valiant defenders and the Hashomer movement has a long and noble history as the first Jewish security organization providing Jewish defense for the Yishuv.

Joseph Trumpeldor became a hero for both right-wing and left-wing Zionists as he is viewed a defender of the kibbutzim and, the inspiration for Jewish youth aliyah. The Betar youth movement was named after him by the Revisionist Zionist movement in the days of the Yishuv. His famous last words have been an inspiration to many young soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces.

A visit to Tel Hai, with an opportunity to experience the multi media presentation, followed by a visit to the cemetery at Kfar Giladi will be both exciting and inspiring and provide a new understanding of the history of the State of Israel and the heroes who made it possible.