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Overnight Holiday in Netanya
Montifiore Windmill in Jerusalem
Historical windmill in Jerusalem, Israel
Ancient Byways-Tsfat
Ancient Byways -Safed
Day Trip to the Old City of Jerusalem
Leah is in one of the popular alleyways in the Jewish Quarter.
Ancient Byways Israel
Ancient Byways Israel
Eilat Holiday
The cooler weather from November to May is a perfect time for a holiday in Eilat.
Be'eri Forest in Israel
Be'eri Forest, Israel in Early Spring
Netanya is a favorite spot to celebrate my winter birthday.
Each year, we have a tradition to go to Netanya to celebrate my winter birthday. It is too cold for swimming but I love to walk by the Mediterranean Sea.
Almond Tree in Bloom in Jerusalem
Tu B'Shevat -New Year of the Trees in Jerusalem.
Rimonim/Pomegranates growing in Modiin.
Rimonim growing in Buchman's Moriah Center, where I often do my grocery shopping.
Timna Ancients Near Eilat
These are the Ancient Copper Mines at Timna, near Eilat, Israel.
Date Palm Ready for Sukkot
The City of Modiin cuts down bunches of dates ready for residents to use at Sukkot.
Modiin a modern Israeli city.
I live in Modiin, which is half way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

These are some of my favorite places in Israel and I paint them often.

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