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Color Your World -Artist Insights by Leah Laker

Color, colour everywhere-that’s how I see the world and how I like to design my paintings. I love using watercolours for the beautiful transparent layers and subltle blendings only possible through this medium. The more I learn of colour theory the more enjoyment I get from using complementary and analagous color schemes to create vibrant paintings coordinated to spring, summer, autumn and winter color palettes to provide interior decorating accents for home and office interiors. The paintings I create are meant to be hung on walls as a focus for the fiurnishings and wall colors you have selected, to create a personalized style and welcoming space. To view and select my paintings go to the gallery now.

“Wow-what a burst of color!” That was the comment I heard expressed over and over during my first solo show at the Heichal HaTarbut in Modi’in.  It’s true! I do love colour. That’s why I especially like painting Rimonim or Pomegranates as they are known in English. I enjoy painting in watercolors because the layering of transparent colour gives such beautiful effects as you can see in the pictures directly behind me. Using complementary colors will make the subject pop.  Sometimes I just like to play around with the shapes and layers of colors to see what interesting combinations will evolve.

Spring Floral Paintings for Shavuot
Shavuot Show at Heichal HaTarbut



Painting with determination and confidence is what I saw when I looked around the room at the Hadassah Levonah Chapter workshop presentation I gave for beginners wishing to learn watercolor painting techniques. I was happy to share my artist’s insights with these enthusiastic learners, especially the important composition elements and color techniques to help each one create a unique painting she could take home at the end of the evening. Indeed, there were many who told me prior to the class that they didn’t believe they could actually paint something to take home and display but that changed as their individual styles emerged and most were thrilled with the end product. I still occasionally meet one of the participants who remarks to me she has her painting proudly displayed at home.

I deliberately selected a floral theme, in particular, from flowers growing locally and I gave each participant a reference photo to use. We observed together some artist insights such as focal point, color, values,shapes, groupings and movement in the reference photo and each artist brought together her own choices and style to complete her own painting. It was challenging but achievable and valuable artist insights were learned for those who were inspired to continue the creative path.

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