Changing Perspectives watercolor painting

Changing Perspectives

A vertical look at Changing PerspectivesThis beautiful, harmonious watercolor painting can be viewed from different perspectives and so demonstrates our human capacity for viewing life experiences from various angles.

The harmonious colors in Changing Perspectives all represent different aspects of understanding-blue for the spiritual or inner constructs of meaning, soft red (rose) for the life experiences giving us wisdom and soft yellows for the daily sensory experiences which also impact on our personal perspective. You can try it out in a horizontal position and then experiment. Each view will give you new insights.

This painting will delight you and provide a beautiful decorating Changing Perspectivesresource for your home or office. You will be able to frame it so that it can be hung with a different view and perspective over time, thus generating and renewing thoughts and conversations with the viewers.




Changing Perspectives in a vertical view. You will see new shapes and meanings when you change the perspective. This is a metaphor for life. We cannot always change our challenges and experiences but we can change how we interpret and act on them.

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