Flower Power


Delicate spring colors replicate the delicate blossoms of spring in this abstract painting. Bowls of fresh spring flowers invite the viewer to imagine the blossoming of new life in early spring. Sunshine, color and warmth beckon the viewer, with thoughts of flower beds, floral displays and spring planting

Flower shows are a feature of early spring for residents of northern climates. They rejuvenate the spirits after a long, harsh winter with an infusion of colors, scents and the promise of new growth. Rows of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees beckon. Enthusiastic gardeners sally through the displays mentally organizing and planning colorful floral displays. Floral arrangements stir the anticipation and imagination of new possibilities. This abstract painting, of early spring flowers, brings to mind the promise of enjoying the new growth, sunshine and warmth awaiting the enthusiastic gardener's first forays into the garden.

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