Rimonim Study


Rimonim hanging from branches presents a spectacle to delight the senses. First the vibrant color dazzles your eye, then the pleasing round shape with a delicate crown at the end makes one want to touch and feel the peel or outer skin. Later, cutting it open reveals more color, taste and texture, truly a fitting symbol for the holiday table.The Rimon or Pomegranate is one of the Seven Species celebrated in Jewish Festivals. 

Rimonim feature prominently in the landscape and culture of Israel. Even the robe of the Kohen Gadol was adorned with this beautiful symbol.

Why did I select Rimonim to symbolize my artwork?

 A Rimon/Pomegranate is my favorite, visual symbol for my life journey. A Rimon/Pomegranate is a harmonious circle, with a hint of angles to express individuality and differentiation from the more common apples. Dramatic and bold in color they are vibrant, both inside and out with immediate appeal to the senses. My paintings for Studio Rimonim attempt to convey these ideas. The common thread to my paintings is always color and shape. Both fascinate me, in the nature I see around me and I try to capture the endless variety of both to create beauty and harmony for decorating interiors.

Cut open the firm outer skin of a Rimon/Pomegranate to reveal the hidden clusters of jewel like seeds in orderly sections just waiting to release their bright red juice full of healthy benefits. Rimonim seeds are bursting with color and flavor, adding sparkle and delight to any meal. It is a challenge to learn how to deftly release these little jewels from nature’s cunning packaging but they are well-loved in Israel as an integral part of any festive meal. This is not surprising as they are one of the Seven Species referenced in the Bible and Jewish Tradition has assigned them a special meaning. It is a fervent wish of the Jewish people that they will be like Rimonim,  filled with good deeds.


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