Dreidels Spin In the Glow of Chanukah Lights For Hanukkah

Chanukah or Hanukkah brings joy to all Jewish homes. The glow of candles or olive oil burning in the Chanukiah-one added for each of the eight nights lights up the dark in the windows facing the street. In Jerusalem’s Old City the Chanukiah sheltered in glass boxes, line the winding alleyways, creating their special magic for the dark winter nights. The whole world seems lit up and glowing with beauty and warmth-the message is clear. Light overcomes darkness.

Dreidel Spin



The Maccabeats – Candlelight – Hanukkah


Indoors, families and friends gather to share in the fun with latkes, dreidels,   songs, and of course, sufganiyot-those delicious “donuts” filled with amazing flavors. In Israel the trays of sufganiyot tantalize as you walk through any mall or shopping area and the competition between bakers is keen as they strive to come up with a new innovation in flavors each year.



Chanukah or Hanukkah celebrations include games of spinning the dreidel. 

Jerusalem Post article-HOLIDAY DELIGHTS

 Happy Hanukkah

HAPPY HANUKKAH to all as you enjoy the beauty and warmth of the CHANUKAH lights.

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