Flower Power!


Bringing the garden indoors helped to relieve the starkness and extremes of a long winter season, such as I experienced when my home was in Toronto. I always waited very impatiently for the Victoria Day holiday, which marked the beginning of “real gardening”. The first flowers were eagerly awaited from the bulbs planted in the fall and Pansies usually filled my planters until the annuals could take their place. Now I can enjoy a wonderful variety of plants and flowers all year round and I have new favourites which I frequently paint. I keep planters filled with bright red Geraniums on my patio all year round.

Flower Power


[wp_cart:Flower Power:price:325:shipping:35:var1[Size|74 x 56 cm]:end]

I especiallly enjoyed painting this picture on Yupo because the surface of the paper created some very interesting effects with the watercolours. I have this picture on display in my home and even though I now have lots of beautiful, vibrant flowers growing outdoors,  I still enjoy the soft and delicate appearance of this painting.


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