Going Home

Going Home

Going Home

Going Home
Home is where the heart is. It’s the destination we seek, filled with light and warmth. It is a universal concept which is why this painting is abstract-one can visualize whatever location one’s home encompasses.

I’m going home was how I felt as the plane left the tarmac in Toronto, a city I loved and a Canada I still love, heading for my new home in Modi’in, Israel.

This colorful painting captures the emotional feeling of following your destiny to the place called home.

Home is where the heart is-a beautiful place of dreams and light at the top of the painting. The soft pastel colors are meant to recall the pleasant, nostalgic feelings we have for our beacon of stability and strength. The medium to dark abstract forms at the bottom of the painting are meant to represent the twists and turns of our path through life and the interconnecting relationships we have in each place called home.

This vibrant, harmonious painting will give you many opportunities to reflect on your own memories and associations around “Home”.

The feelings of contentment, fulfillment and belonging are all represented in this painting associated with seeking and finding a place which truly represents “Home”.

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