About Leah Laker’s Creative Process

The Creative Process of Leah Laker

  • What does it mean to be creative?
    A burst of spring colors in a vibrant floral painting.
    Color and shapes are what most fascinate me and I try to capture this vitality in my paintings.
  • Why bother?
  • Defining an artist what drives my paintings and shared experiences.
  • Color my world for inner harmony and joy.

Thoughts on the creative process:

First of all you need time;
  • time to reflect,
  • time to learn and develop your expertise through painting,
  • time to explore the world around you,
  • time to develop meaningful relationships,
  • time to give of yourself and your learned wisdom-to your community,
  • time to appreciate your life journey, and
  • time to have fun-let your inner spirit be free to guide you, rather than trying to be in charge of the painting process
  Creating a painting is an interactive process between you, your objective, your materials and your mood, feelings, critical analysis, confidence and past experience. You also need space, a private place where you can feel free to experiment, develop your skills without outside interference,judgment,negativity and free from routine distractions. Ideally, music will help you get into the spirit and frame of mind to let yourself slide into the expressive mode where you can let ideas and feelings flow. If you paint with watercolors, a kitchen table or corner of a room can be your private retreat. It’s important to develop a routine of setting aside a specific place and organizing your materials to be easily accessible – don’t try to be super organized at first-just get started. You will find out what you really need as you continue the process. I’ve found that having a table set up with a plastic cover over it allows me to spend time painting, on a more flexible basis. A mobile cart with an easel can also be very effective.

Why bother?

In my personal experience, the need to express my creative side became a very strong force after I had achieved most of my personal and professional goals. It was time. This seems to be a common life experience for those of us who have reached the second stage of life. Maybe you have to have had enough experiences, challenges and achievements to be able to confidently and openly share with others, your most personal feelings, values and ideas. I want to paint the places and experiences which fill my life with joy and meaning, and yes, the spiritual framework which makes me who I am. Through painting, I better understand my journey through life and the relationships which guide it.

My defining experiences in creating an artistic life:

My wonderful birth place of Canada gave me an appreciation for nature-the raw beauty of rugged forest and mountain landscapes with lots of open space and room to hike and explore, to develop a sense of freedom and the joy of solitude. I enjoyed swimming in the ocean, picnics and camping beside cool,clear lakes, hiking a forest trail, especially in the fall-the most beautiful season, with the crunch of colorful leaves under my feet and the crisp air under an incredibly blue sky, with the honking of Canada geese on their way south. I loved living in Toronto, a truly multicultural city, with lots of culture, sports and a strong, vibrant Jewish community. There, I was able to have a career in education, a wonderful opportunity to develop relationships and to nurture young lives-an opportunity to live a meaningful existence and to achieve personal and professional goals. Now I live in Modi’in, Israel. I am delighted and proud to be part of the “Start Up Nation”, this plucky, vibrant and dynamic community where life is intense, filled with purpose and at the same time, filled with joy and tradition. Nowhere else, can you experience the highs and lows of community, history and citizenship which we do in our yearly cycle of the Jewish calendar. My most important roles are wife and mother. My journey through life is made better and more complete by being able to share in a rich family life and community.

Color My World:

Color is what most characterizes my paintings. I love bright, dramatic and vibrant colors. I often stop to examine flowers on my walks outdoors and never cease to delight in the subtle variations to be found in the petals and leaves. The interplay of light and shadow and the values they create are both an inspiration and a challenge. . One of the joys of living in Israel, for me, is that I can be outside most of the year, sitting on a patio for morning coffee, surrounded by flowers and plants or walking along the seaside promenade and enjoying the sunshine, breezes and the waves crashing against the rocky shore. I feel like I am always surrounded by color. Save Save Save

2 thoughts on “About Leah Laker’s Creative Process”

  1. Shalom Bryna,

    I did have a look at your site-beautiful and meaningful works. It is challenging, at times, to live in Israel but it is mostly wonderful, in every sense of that word. I find living on a Jewish Calendar is very uplifting and joyful. The main challenge for me is language. I can’t speak or understand enough Ivrit to converse with galleries and exhibitions, except locally in Modiin. Although I continue to learn Ivrit, it is difficult when you are starting in your retirement years. Notwithstanding, we have a community in which you can get buy with minimal Ivrit but also learn and speak it with some of the non Anglo residents. Nefesh B’Nefesh is a great resource to help if you truly want to live here. The other main challenge is the culture. It can be very frustrating at times but if you are adaptable you can manage, and when it gets too much, a day walking on the beach promenade (Tayelet) usually makes you feel happy again. The feeling of being in a close knit community is exceptional here. In times of trouble, Israelis all pull together, despite their very real differences. All in all, if NBN can advise and support you may find the community you are seeking. I would suggest that you check out different communities on their website and take a look at rentals and community demographics to see if you can make a go of it. We loved Toronto and Canada but living in Israel is being home.

  2. Bryna Lazarus

    Shalom Leah,
    I enjoyed your work and your comments on the life of a n art ist in Israel. I am of retirement age, but unlike you, am not able to live in Israel (or anywhere else) with out another form of in come. It has been my exclusive dream to live in Eretz Yisroel for over 50 years. Being alone makes it more mandatory for me to locate within a close knit community. Any suggestions or comments would be most appreciated..
    I hope you will take a few minutes to look at my site -which is however only one basic theme of the work I am capable of doing. Lately I am feeling the need for a new (and frankly more marketable ) inspirations,
    I look forward to hearing from you, if you can.
    Bryna (Bev) Lazarus

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