Leah Laker

Modiin artist Leah Laker
Lynda Leah Laker with Studio Rimonim paintings in the background.

Studio Rimonim in Modiin Presents Lynda Leah Laker’s art for home and office decor.

Color, colour everywhere-that’s how I see the world and how I like to design my paintings. I love using watercolours for the beautiful transparent layers and subltle blendings only possible through this medium. The more I learn of colour theory the more enjoyment I get from using complementary and analagous color schemes to create vibrant paintings coordinated to spring, summer, autumn and winter color palettes to provide interior decorating accents for home and office interiors. The paintings I create are meant to be hung on walls as a focus for the fiurnishings and wall colors you have selected, to create a personalized style and welcoming space. To view and select my paintings go to the gallery now.

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