About Studio Rimonim and Leah Laker

About Studio Rimonim

My Paintings Transform Boring To Beautiful.


Leah Laker is a Modiin artist, who enjoys painting all aspects of her life in Israel - landscapes,flowers,culture and history. Leah Laker lived and worked in Toronto, Canada before making aliyah to Israel in 2007. She learned her painting skills and personal style as a member of The Willowdale Group of Artists and the Toronto Watercolor Society. Following her move to Modi'in, Israel, she became a member of the Modi'in artists' gr... See More
Leah's work can be viewed online through Studio Rimonim and is available for purchase.

Studio Rimonim Art-online gallery of original watercolor and acrylic landscape paintings, abstract art, floral and still life painting, especially related to Israel and Canada. Rimonim/Pomegranates are my visual symbol for life's unity.
A Rimon is a harmonious circle with hints of angles to express individuality. Vibrant colorful seeds add beauty and good health.

Studio Rimonim (Leah Laker) provides "hands on" art events to explore and develop the creative spirit through painting with watercolors. Special events and workshops are customized to the needs of individuals and organizations for an exciting "hands on" experience where the participants will learn and enjoy the process of creating a watercolor painting.