Ancient Byways Israel


Giclee reproductions or prints are available by order, starting at $300.00 US for a gallery wrapped canvas of approximately 16 inches by 20 inches or 40 cm x 50 cm.

Other sizes may be ordered at additional production costs. Please contact me for details.



Ancient Byways Israel
Wander through one of these ancient byways and you are quickly able to imagine Ancient Israel in cities and towns.

Ancient Byways Series

Meander through a narrow alleyway, turn a corner or discover an intriguing archway leading to a fresh,new scene. These ancient byways provide mystery, allure, sensory appeal and an enduring link to ancient Jewish communal life with some of the structures and culture associated with each place. I have visited each of the places I have painted and my goal is to share with the viewer my sense of awe and excitement in exploring the nooks and crannies of these ancient byways.

Look carefully at each scene and you will discover that I have used value patterns (light and dark) to create a sensory experience for the viewer of entering into an area of light from a darker passage or to a dark area, mysterious, hinting at a new adventure from within a lighter area. In either instance, the viewer is encouraged to enjoy change and discovery while meandering along an ancient byway. I hope you enjoy these unique passages; some may already be familiar to you and some may encourage you to plan a visit to the site. I will be adding new paintings to this series, each one with variation in value patterns but created with the same color palette. Occasionally I will add a highlight color just to create some additional excitement. 

15.75″ x 19.7″ (40 cm x 50 cm). Acrylic on canvas – Museum style, ready to hang without framing

The original painting has been purchased but giclees are available for purchase.