Autumn’s Last Glow


The crops in the fields have been harvested leaving a suble golden glow over the fields. The trees also have a soft Autumn glow of color which accentuates their shape and strength. Autumn’s Last Glow gives a warm, harmonious feeling of completion of a life cycle and strength to withstand the coming winter months.  
Autumn's Last Glow Autumn’s Last Glow

I love to paint trees; these bare trees with graceful shapes and curves demonstrate a resoluteness and solidity in the midst of seasonal changes. Autumn, in particular is a time of transition from growth to survival. The soft glow of Autumn colors in the vegetation is as if nature is moving into a mature adult phase of the life cycle. Actions have slowed down to routine and contentment. No more the wild adventures and explorations of youth. This phase is all about harmony and celebration of achievements. Although the harsh winter lies ahead, it is not yet upon us. We can still feel the warmth of the sun, rejoice in moderate temperatures, and savor being outdoors. An Autumn hike will be a more relaxed and comfortable journey.

Limited Edition prints, enhanced by the artist are available by special order. Contact us for details.

Dimensions 30 × 30 cm

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