Changing Perspectives

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Changing Perspectives in abstract style. After viewing this painting in either horizontal or vertical mode, try viewing it the opposite way. In fact, you can also turn it upside down to get some new insights. This is a metaphor for life, when we experience new challenges or changes to our routines. Try looking at things from a new perspective and you will have some new insights and feelings about your situation. I used a color palette which creates a harmonious feeling. Yellow is often a color which signifies spiritual meaning and hope. Blue is associated with stability, dependability and tradition. The pinks are a softer version of red for passion, playfulness and vitality.

Changing Perspectives in abstract style is a metaphor for how we can experience life.

This beautiful, harmonious watercolor painting can be viewed from different perspectives and so demonstrates our human capacity for viewing life experiences from various angles. The harmonious colors in Changing Perspectives all represent different aspects of understanding-blue is a color often used to represent stability, honesty, integrity,dependability and tradition. It may remind us of the spiritual or inner constructs of meaning leading to serenity and contemplation.

The soft red (rose or magenta) represents the vitality of life and the passion for new experiences ,giving us wisdom and the ability to transition between different phases of our lives. This hue is also associated with boldness and courage.

Soft yellows represent the intellectual search for meaning and integration of our life experiences. Yellow cheers us when things seem gloomy. We react to yellow flowers and smiley faces with a feeling of joy. Children’s toys, furnishings and clothes abound in variations of yellow which support associations of youthfulness, energy and curiosity.

Thus, I have selected the main hues for this painting to reinforce the idea that we can experience life’s challenges in different ways by changing our perspective for viewing the events we experience.

This painting will delight you and provide a beautiful decorating resource for your home or office. You will be able to frame it so that it can be hung with a different view and perspective over time, thus generating and renewing thoughts and conversations with the viewers.

Color transforms boring into beautiful. Use this colorful painting as a focal point to coordinate your wall colors and furnishings into a room with style and beauty.

Changing Perspectives
You can change your perspective on life by looking at things from different angles and places.
A vertical look at Changing Perspectives
Try the vertical perspective to see new shapes and patterns.