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Swirling colors represent
the formation of our world with the blues representing water and air and the reds the emerging land masses.


Have you ever wondered about the creation of our planet, the wonder of an evolving order of the Cosmos and interdependence of heavenly bodies out of a swirling, ever expanding and evolving universe arising from darkness and void?

We can only guess at the primeval beauty, shapes,colors and patterns formed in the creation of a world/worlds.

This is my personal response.The oranges, reds and pinks are dynamic,saturated colors, vibrant, resonant of purposeful energy directed in fluid patterns and shapes. Warmth in the reds and oranges representing life and blues, whites and neutrals representing spirit and mind.  Movement, pattern and repetition all represent the natural world we see around us. Colors and shapes mix and mingle describing a precise but flowing imagined process.The varied blues represent the separation between matter and spirit or essence-a void or lofty existence of which we can only speculate. All is mystery, action and an intrinsic harmony.

This painting encourages the viewer to muse, consider and possibly find new meaning for his/her own life journey. The watercolors have mixed and mingled on the paper to create beautiful transparent layers of color with the harmony of complementary colors. Over this harmonious background, texture defines the movement and growth of energy and matter, perhaps even a reference to the intervention and inventions of man to develop and control these elements.