Dreidel Spin in the Glow of Chanukah Light


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Dreidel Spin in the Glow of Hanukkah Light


All eyes are on the spinning dreidel and the colors of the glowing candles which leap out at you-a true festival of Light; hooray for Hanukkah! We banish the darkness and gloom of winter by placing a lighted Chanukkiah in our windows to shine out a Jewish message of joy and hope.

We enjoy the beauty of the vibrant colors of the candles we light each evening during the Jewish Festival of Chanukah. Each evening we add an additional candle.  To sit quietly and watch the glow of the burning flames gives one time to ponder the special moments of celebrating with loved ones around us. For children and adults who want to be more active, there is “Dreidel Spin” a game of chance and Ancient tradition.
Families and friends gather each night to share in fun, latkes and sufganiyot amid much laughter and song.. When the world seems full of darkness and oppression, the light of each candle reminds us that light dispels the darkness, Hanukkah celebrates freedom from tyranny and Jewish tradition signals our hope in a bright future.


Children especially love this holiday. The learn to spin their dreidels in a lively game of chance and even adults join in the fun. L’chaim to one and all as they enjoy the colorful spinning lights.

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