Givati Brigade or Givati Hills?

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Givati, refers both to the hills, abundant in the Negev and the IDF Brigade, which is the hills or Negev brigade protecting the south of Israel. The muted but colorful patterns sculpted into ravines and cliffs are fascinating to climb and explore. Givati Brigade wears a purple beret and so the purple in this painting is meant to be both a reflection of the color patterns in the hills and my love and respect for the brave soldiers of Givati Brigade as they go about protecting our citizens in the Negev.

Givati Brigade is one of the original units of the IDF and has a long and glorious history. My son served in this brigade and we learned some of the songs and history we attended his various ceremonies along the way. One feels both proud and anxious as our children serve to protect our country but it is amazing to see the transformation they go through as they take on this responsibility.

The Negev, while muted in neutrals, is actually very colorful. The deep canyons and ridges show layers of earth, sand and rock. The power of the torrents and floods during the rainy season has carved out beautiful shapes and walkways through the hills. However, it is a tough, strong land that requires respect for nature and harmony with the land to survive this rugged environment.