October Leaf Study

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October Leaf Study-an abstract watercolor painting with the vibrant red/orange hue of autumn leaves dramatically placed on a dark background creates a warm, vibrant focal point especially suited to rooms where people gather to enjoy social interaction.

October Leaf Study an abstract watercolor painting of the changing colors in Autumn.

October has always been a month I looked forward to with the celebration of Sukkot and the joy of being outdoors under sunny, blue skies but with cooler temperatures adding to the enjoyment. The Fall season has always been my favorite time of year-the brilliant reds, yellows and oranges of the changing leaves,with smoky, purples, browns and deep greens of Autumn foliage, cooler, crisper air, deep blue skies, and harvest fruits and vegetables. Although the season in Israel is not as intense as in Canada, I still enjoy the cooling off from summer extremes and, usually, the delight of the first rainfall. It is almost an indescribable feeling to feel the first drops of rain on your face, after months without rain. It brings with it, a universal sigh of relief in this hot climate and one smiles as songs about “Geshem” are heard everywhere.

My favorite memory of Autumn in Canada, was the delightful crunch of feet plodding through piles of freshly raked leaves on lawns and sidewalks. Canada in the Fall was a sensual delight, perhaps the last joyful reminder of freedom, space and wholesome outdoor living before the cold, harsh reality of winter set in. I have always loved the paintings of the Canadian Group of Seven and the vibrant colors they used in depicting the Canadian landscapes. The Fall palette was a prominent feature of many of their works.

This Leaf Study, of October Leaves was painted in watercolors in a monochromatic red/orange with a touch of a green complement to create and layer changing color values.from light to dark. In watercolor paintings, nature’s darkest colors are usually created by the use of complementary colors rather than using a black paint. The dark shapes in this painting make the lighter values pop.

For those who love the colors red or orange, this painting is perfectly paired with white, gray, taupe, greens and golds. An Autumn palette will provide drama and sophistication to your decor and furnishings. The color red/orange, feels warm, energetic, playful and creative for places where people gather and socialize.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 cm