Rimonim or Pomegranates Israel Fine Art Painting


Rimonim is a vibrant warm palette painting with red, yellow and greens set against a deep blue background. It is acrylic on canvas panel, gallery wrap style so that it may be hung without a frame. The painting is sold unframed.

This painting coordinates well with gentle golds, beige, light green,neutral or white walls. As a dramatic interior decorating accessory with navy blue, red and burgundy furnishings, it will create a vibrant focal point for your room and add harmony to your interior space.

Size- 30 x 30 cm or 12 x 12 inches

Rimon or Pomegranate – a Jewish Symbol

Rimonim or Pomegranates
Rimonim or Pomegranates are important fruits growing in Israel.

Dramatic and bold in color, with a thick, leathery outer skin, Rimonim or Pomegranates, as they are also called, are unique, both inside and out, presenting an immediate sensory appeal to vision, touch and taste. Just look at the vibrant reds of this painting and it will surely remind you of a festive Rosh HaShana or Succot table with all the sensory appeals of color, touch and taste.

Color and shape are the common threads always seen in my paintings. Both fascinate me. I especially enjoy creating subtle variations in color values and intensities. Vibrant, intense hues are balanced by passages of neutral, or complementary colors to allow the viewer to enjoy the visual harmony of the painting. I love the beauty of the natural environment I see around me. Look closely at the differences in color in the leaves and fruit. Notice the variations in color intensity in this painting of Rimonim.  The blue background makes the  red of the Rimonim pop. Imagine how this vibrant contrast can create a feeling of warmth and vitality when hung on neutral or white walls.  

Just as life presents one with hidden and enchanting surprises, so does the fruit of the Rimonim. Cut open the firm outer skin of a Rimon and find revealed inside the hidden clusters of jewel like seeds arranged in orderly sections just waiting to release their bright red juice full of healthy benefits. Not only are Rimonim a delight to the eyes, they are a nutritional superstar.

Rimonim seeds, bursting with color and flavor, add sparkle and delight to a festive meal. They are well-loved in Israel as an integral part of Rosh HaShana, and Succot Festival meals. This is not surprising as they are one of the Seven Species referenced in the Bible and Jewish Tradition has assigned them a special symbolic meaning. We pray that the Jewish people will be like Rimonim,  filled with good deeds.

Enjoy the seasonal pleasure of the fresh pomegranate and the year round pleasure of my painting Rimonim/Pomegranates on your wall. Where do you think it will look best?


Here is a linkto some additional information about the health benefits of Rimonim, or Pomegranates.

Is this the healthiest juice on the planet?

Posted by Dr. Josh Axe on Tuesday, September 5, 2017