Rosh HaShana with Beautiful Rimon/Pomegranate Fruit-Chag Sameach!


Chag Sameach for Rosh HaShana

Ruby red, orange , creamy yellow and garnet are all color variations to be found in the beautiful outer skin of a Rimon/Pomegranate fruit -immediately drawing your attention and captivating your senses. Rimonim/Pomegranates grace many holiday tables during Jewish Festivals but are particularly meaningful for Rosh HaShana for their symbolic meaning in addition to their beauty and health benefits.

We hope that each Jewish individual will have many merits, or good deeds in his/her favor just like the multitude of beautiful, sparkling, jewel like seeds found inside this fruit. It may have a leathery skin on the outside, but don’t be fooled-the inside is sectioned with juicy, delicious edible seeds which not only look good but provide many health benefits.

Rimon - Shana Tova - Chag Sameach - Pomegranate
The beautiful red Rimon/Pomegranate symbolizes our wish for good deeds or Torah mitzvot to improve our lives.


The Rimon/Pomegranate is said to be symbolic of the Torah mitzvot  – with 613 seeds and it does seem like there could be that many when you cut open the Rimon and peel back the inner membrane of the four chambers. Chag Sameach and enjoy this beautiful holiday fruit for Rosh HaShana.

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