Giving of the Torah

Shavuot – Celebrating the Giving of the Torah

Giving of the Torah
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Fire, thunder, flashing light-who could imagine a more powerful scene for an event?

The Giving of the Torah to the Jewish Nation, on Mt. Sinai changed the course of human history.

The colors in this painting represent all aspects of the scene at Har Sinai-the fire represented by red, the lightning flashes by yellow, the Jewish Nation by green and the heavens by blue. The comingling of colors, sight and sound must have been a totally overwhelming, vibrant sensory experience.

The Torah or Old Testament gives a clear direction of moral responsibility and social justice within societal relationships

  • defines the religious/spiritual relationship between the Creator and human beings.
  • the foundation of Judaeo/Christian heritage
  • a personal encounter between humanity and a transcendent creator  and
  • the Foundation narrative of the Jewish people.

The Jewish Nation celebrates this event as one of the Pilgrim Festivals, called Shavuot.

The holiday of Shavuot, celebrates the Giving of the Torah as a culmination of the Exodus  of the Jewish people from Egypt during Passover (Pesach); the journey from bondage, into freedom and the beginning of the development of a just society.

The Jewish Nation responded with a “yes” to undertaking this Covenant. Although there have been many times in the subsequent history of the Jewish people, when the majority of the Nation failed to live up to the contract, the Covenant has never been annulled. The Giving of the Torah at Har Sinai encompasses all of the Jewish Nation, forever; thus, all night learning and special presentations on aspects of Torah are a special part of the Shavuot holiday celebrations.



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