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ClematisSpring bursts forth with warmth and energy to liven up your surroundings after a mostly blah, stark winter landscape. Banish those neutrals and enjoy some color.

Spring  Color Palette

You’ll find that spring colors are fresh,lively and inviting. There is a yellow base to spring colors which delights your senses just like the increasing sunshine and warmth that teases you with the promise of fun and playful activities out of doors. Echoing the warmth of the sun and the fresh greens of new growth, vegetation, particularly flowers, have a softness and delicacy that appeals to our sense of vitality and youthful spirit.

Spring Flowers

Use the colors of beautiful spring flowers in oranges, yellows,pinks, reds and purples to warm up your neutral walls and bring the beauty of a garden indoors to decorate your home. You can create an energetic, harmonious and joyful home interior easily by hanging floral paintings on your walls. Go for the colors of spring and enjoy the fresh,lively feeling that greets you when you walk into your home after a long day at work.


2 thoughts on “Spring Flowers Make Colorful Paintings | Home Decor”

  1. Alessandra

    I love decorating my house for every seoasn, I always did it since my boys were little kids. Now they are 21 and 23 and they get home asking when the new decoration will be on. I decorate the whole house during christmas. I even change the pictures hanging on the walls. I put up 3 to 5 xmas trees in different rooms. The traditional one goes in the living room, the informal one goes in the family room. A small one goes on the kitchen counter with cookie cutters hanging from the branches. In the entrance a mid size one uses also traditional decorations and when my kids were small I put a mid size one in every room with decorations they made. I even decorate the bedrooms and the bathrooms. For valentines I decorate the entrance door with a wreath in a form of a heart full of silk flowers. I change the tablecloth on the dining table to a red one with hearts and I set the table with hearts decorations,since we usually celebrate Valentine’s dinner at home. I put red and white candles everywhere, all the small round table are decorated with red or red and white tablecloths. Even the kitchen towels and the apron is changed for every seoasn. For Easter, I change the wreath to an appropiate one, the tablecloths around the house. I put bunnies and special dessert plates to decorate and I change the decorations on the piano and other tables. I also change it for summer, then for the Back to School seoasn, (I am a teacher) and for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I change towels, aprons, kitchen towels, everything I can it helps me get in the mood. I have collected all the decorations during the years and in discount stores usually off seoasn. I put them away in plastic boxes that are identified with the seoasn. Try it, it will please you so much you will keep on doing it and adding new things every year.

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