Studio Rimonim-What’s In a Name?

Studio Rimonim -What’s In a Name?

I love Rimonim or Pomegranates, which is the other name for this luscious, red fruit which grows in gardens and fields in Israel.

Rimonim or Pomegranates
Rimonim or Pomegranates are important fruits growing in Israel.
Rimonim/Pomegranates in Israel
Beautiful, red Pomegranates/Rimonim growing in Israel

Why did I select the Rimon to symbolize my artwork?

A Pomegranate (Rimon in Hebrew) is my favorite, visual symbol of my life journey. A Rimon’s shape is that of a harmonious circle, with a hint of angles to express individuality and differentiate it from red apples.

When I consider my life journey, I think of a circle encompassing the many facets that are most important to me: family, friends, community, Judaism, Israel, Canada, art, color, nature and travel. Each facet has its own angle or individual color variation which contributes to a harmonious whole.

The brilliant reds and greens are part of my Canadian heritage, particularly in the autumn foliage of maple leaves and dark green forests.

The beautiful transparent seeds on the inside remind me of my Jewish Heritage and my modern day Israeli community life. Each seed is one individual unit joined with others in clusters to create a whole.

Dramatic and bold in color, with a thick, leathery outer skin, Rimonim are unique, both inside and out, presenting an immediate sensory appeal to vision, touch and taste.

Cut open the firm outer skin to reveal the hidden clusters of jewel like seeds in orderly sections just waiting to release their bright red juice full of healthy benefits. Rimonim seeds are bursting with color and flavor, adding sparkle and delight to any meal. It is a challenge to learn how to deftly release these little jewels from nature’s cunning packaging but they are well-loved in Israel as an integral part of any festive meal. This is not surprising as they are one of the Seven Species referenced in the Bible and Jewish Tradition has assigned them a special meaning. It is a fervent wish of the Jewish people that they will be like Rimonim,  filled with good deeds.

At one end of a Rimon(im) you will find a crown. An important symbol of the Temple period, especially in clothing worn by the Kohanim and in ritual decorations, this colorful, unique fruit  provided spiritual meaning to the Jewish nation. Even today, Rimonim are frequently used in art and religious items both for decoration and celebrations.

Rimon or Pomegranate is a one of the Seven Species from Israel mentioned in the Bible
Rimon/Pomegranate from Israel

I also chose Rimonim as my personal symbol because of the beautiful, vibrant red hue. Color and shape are the common threads always seen in my paintings. Both fascinate me. I especially enjoy creating subtle variations in color values and intensities. Vibrant colors, interesting shapes and patterns lead the viewer’s eyes to travel through the painting to the focal point. It’s something like having a spotlight on the main action on a stage. We need a dramatic area of interest to draw our attention to what the artist wants to communicate but we also need quiet areas to support and enhance the viewing experience. I love to use complementary and analagous colors to help the viewer explore each painting. I enjoy creating the subtle variations in hue, value and intensity to communicate an idea, experience or feeling with the viewer. Art transcends language and color speaks to each of us in a variety of ways.


Why Studio instead of Gallery Rimonim?

I like the idea of studio rather than gallery because you, dear reader and viewer are personally invited to join me as I work, turning ideas and experiences into paintings enjoyed in homes and offices. I invite you to join me in a conversation about the creative process and to share your own experiences and ideas. Ask me about color choices and techniques; I’m happy to share. A studio means work in process, growth and development and that is as important to me as the finished product, ready to hang on a wall.


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