Tu B’Shvat Fun at Minkov Orchard

Picking oranges at the orchard
Couldn’t be fresher if I tried!

Imagine a beautiful, sunny day with a moderate temperature and a gentle breeze blowing as you stand in the midst of a lush green orchard filled with oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits just begging to be picked. Now gently twist a luscious yellow grapefruit until it slips off the branch and hold it gently in your hands while you enjoy its fragrance.

Then take that beautiful yellow orb to the tasting table and slice it in half. With a manual press, slide the fruit on and begin to turn while you slowly extract each precious drop of liquid sunshine. When you have squeezed all you can pour your fresh juice into a cup and savor. You have just enjoyed the freshest, healthiest beverage ever; better than any manufactured drink available.
I was lucky enough to celebrate Tu B’Shvat in Israel this year by participating in a day trip to the Minkov Orchard near Rehovot. This trip was sponsored by the Absorption Dept. of Modiin and we not only enjoyed picking fresh fruit but we also learned the history of this important orchard. This experience will provide me with much inspiration to create a series of paintings of citrus fruits which will be great home decorating accessories, particularly nice for kitchens.

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